Review: Mindful Millie

I saw a post on Twitter advertising for bloggers for a newly written book for children.

I asked the author if I could be considered to do a review for her book and she very kindly agreed and sent me a copy of the book.

The book is called Mindful Millie and is all about a little elephant called Millie, it’s a lovely little book all about mindfulness and how to live in the moment. It is written by Louise Tribble who is an Education and Early years graduate and Illustrated by Rhiannon Thomas.

It’s in the news almost every day that more children than ever are having mental health issues which then often turns into adults with mental health issues and it’s a subject that in the UK we are only just speaking out about, which is shocking. It’s taken till now to have to have a #Mentalhealthawarenessweek and more funding given to counselling and mental health services.

People are too afraid that they are going to judged, dismissed or people will think they are weak and it’s a even worse in young men, it’s annoys me when boys and men are told to ‘man up’ and I’ve even seen out in public that a little boy is crying and he’s told to stop being a girl because he’s upset, why shouldn’t men cry!! If they are upset it’s a perfectly alright thing to do, but they are afraid they will look weak so I think more books like this should be around to help children with their feelings and to build positive mental health techniques.

This lovely book is filled with beautiful illustrations and lovely simple, clear and easy to read text. It features moments such as when Millie is going for a walk, taking a look at her surroundings, what can she hear? What can she see?


I think we are all guilty as parents of rushing our little ones around because we’ve got to get stuff done, but I think this book has been a little reminder to me, just to sometimes take a moment to talk about little things such as what we can hear or see when we are out on a walk.


Some of things Millie does in the such as a writing a letter to her friends when they are feeling sad are a little bit old for Haribo at the moment, but we are starting to talk about feelings to him, when he’s sad or cross that he can’t do something, after all we are heading rapidly towards the terrible twos! There is a lovely part where Millie is eating some food and it’s all about how it tastes and feels in her mouth, Haribo is still in the lets put random objects and things that shouldn’t be in my mouth stage at the moment so again this isn’t something we could go into detail about but when he eats something cold such as ice cream, we do use words such as cold and melting, Haribo tends to respond with ‘Brrr’ and he shivers so he is linking the words to how he feels.


It’s a really lovely little book and although some of it is too old for Haribo at the moment, it’s something that we will revisit and continue to read as he gets older as I think it’s important to keep the discussion open.

He certainly likes looking at the pictures and we talk about what he can see in the pictures and how Millie might be feeling a different points in the book, does she look happy or sad? So although he can’t fully understand the full meaning I think he is still learning from the book.



Disclaimer: I was very kindly sent a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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